A TUSHON Tale - The idea for a premium disposable toilet seat cover

July 27, 2016

Caroline first came up with the idea for a premium disposable toilet seat
cover prior to 2010, as she had three young preschool and primary school
aged children and like many other females, was worried about the germs she
and her family could catch while using public toilets. Caroline was frustrated
that the daily use of public toilet facilities with her children caused her stress
and affected the time she spent with her children.

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Toilet Hygiene - The Facts.

June 02, 2016

Women and mothers with young children frequently use public toilet facilities during their visits to restaurants, shopping centres, cafes, parks, gyms, sporting fields, airports, hotels and on aircraft during travel. In fact 98% of Australian women need to use public toilets several times a week and most mothers use public toilets with their young children daily.

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