Can I flush Tushon toilet seat covers?
Yes. Tushon toilet seat covers are made from biodegradable toilet tissue, the same material as toilet paper, and are safe to flush, even in those loud sucky plane toilets.

Can I flush them at the same time as the toilet paper I use?
Yes. Everyone knows what happens when you use too much toilet paper, so use common sense and if in doubt, flush toilet tissue first. We suggest limiting the amount of toilet paper per flush, even if it results in multiple flushes. Don’t be a Wally Waster!

Will Tushon toilet seat covers fit on any toilet seat?
Tushon toilet seat covers larger shape and design allows for coverage on the many different shaped toilet seats blessing our public toilets. They even cover the dreaded plane toilet.

How are Tushon toilet seat covers different from other toilet seat covers?
This is the best part. Tushon toilet seat covers are the polar opposite of any other toilet seat cover you may have used. Our covers are made from strong premium embossed 3 Ply tissue, which means our covers are thicker, stronger and softer. This means you have a thicker barrier between you and the nasties left behind on public toilet seats and the cover stays in place.
The distinct shape and size provides complete coverage and hygienic protection.
But possibly what takes the cake, our covers are quick to unfold and do not tear like other brands when you're busting and you just have to go.

What are the unique wings?
The unique wings refer to the covers distinctive shape and particularly the outer edge of the cover that is designed to hang over and cover the outer edge of the toilet seat. This provides complete coverage and in particular provides a barrier to the seat edge where children usually touch, even when you plead with them not to!

Why are Tushon toilet seat covers individually wrapped?
Nobody wants to use a wet or dirty toilet seat cover, right? Ours are individually wrapped to keep them clean and dry. Smaller than a small tissue pack they are convenient to throw in your handbag, baby bag, your desk drawer at work or your carry on luggage. Portability is key people!

Tushon has it covered®