Tushon - An Australian brand providing premium hygiene products

May 21, 2020

Tushon - An Australian brand providing premium hygiene products

My name is Caroline Mortlock and I am the creator and owner of TUSHON Premium Toilet Seat Covers.

TUSHON is proudly an Australian brand established in 2010, providing premium hygiene products that keep you healthy, safe and feeling good.

I live in the beautiful Southern Highlands NSW and I am a mum to three energetic kids, four crazy fur babies, and the wife of former Australian Rugby Captain - Stirling Mortlock (who may be the biggest kid of them all).

I created TUSHON because I really dislike public toilets and I wanted to provide the best protection for my family and for people who share the same concerns about germs. Whether you’re a mum who wants to completely cover the seat to protect your toddler, or you have a medical condition that makes using public toilets difficult, TUSHON was created to help you feel prepared, comfortable and protected when you put your “tush on” ANY public toilet seat.

I came up with the idea for TUSHON when my kids were toddlers because taking them to public toilets was always a nightmare. I would frantically try and line the seat with toilet paper so that they wouldn't touch it, and if you have ever tried to do this with a restless, busting toddler before it all inevitably ends up on the floor, you feel my pain!

So TUSHON was born and I created a product that solved all my public toilet concerns. 

  • TUSHON is made from 3Ply premium embossed toilet paper that is thick  and soft, providing the thickest possible barrier between you and the seat and the best toilet seat cover protection on the market.
  • Our internationally patented design with TUSHON's distinctive shape and size (including unique wings on the inner and outer edge) ensures complete coverage of the seat and keeps little hands safe.
  • TUSHON is quick and easy to unfold and use and doesn’t tear like other brands and saves you time when you need it most!
  • You get 21 discreetly wrapped toilet seat covers in every pack. We are proud to say that this is a world first and it means that they stay clean and dry in your bag and you will always have one on hand, ready to use.
  • TUSHON uses recycled packaging and our toilet seat covers are biodegradable and flushable as they are made from the equivalent to a small handful of toilet paper (approx 5g). That's a huge saving of toilet paper every year with no more need to double line public toilets!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️" Excellent product. Wouldn’t be without them.
The toilet seat covers are the best I have ever used. They are thick and fit all shaped toilet seats. Very hygienic and make using public toilets safe and clean. They are fabulous." Gabriella K 11th May 2020


My favourite thing about creating TUSHON is our customer stories and how TUSHON helps you when visiting public toilets. Whether you’re a mum, a carer, someone with a medical condition or disability, a road worker or truck driver, or someone who works in a shopping centre and has to use public toilets frequently, we are so happy to be able to help you and make your life a little easier.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ " Tushon is amazing!
I don't like public bathrooms at the best of times but having Tushon's in my bag makes me feel much better about taking my toddler to public bathrooms. It is also a huge time saver on lining the toilet with toilet paper. One convenient little package and voila the toilet is lined in no time!! Thank you Caroline at Tushon, we will be back!" Samantha M 3rd April 2020


I’m so excited to reveal that we are adding an amazing new Australian made product to our TUSHON premium hygiene range that kills 99.9% of germs on your hands and the surfaces where you worry about germs. Perfect for public toilets, door handles and shopping trolleys, our NEW TUSHON Hand and Surface Sanitising Spray comes in a handy purse size 50 ml spray bottle and is made from >70% ethanol alcohol so you can always protect yourself from germs when on the go. IN STOCK NOW! 

If you haven’t tried TUSHON Premium Toilet Seat Covers and you’re ready to experience the TUSHON difference and finally feel comfortable, relaxed and protected when using public toilets, head over to our SHOP.

We send all orders from Bowral NSW daily when ordered prior to 3pm and offer FREE DELIVERY for orders over $30 (Australia only).

You can also read our customer reviews on our REVIEWS page and find out why so many people love their TUSHON.

Have any questions, want to say hi or share your TUSHON story? Please email me at hello@tushon.com.

Cheers Caroline

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