Be Road Trip Ready - The Essential Checklist

September 16, 2020

Be Road Trip Ready - The Essential Checklist

Be Road Trip Ready - The Essential Checklist.

Road trips are back on the agenda for many people around Australia now that restrictions are easing and they provide an easy way to take a much needed break during what has been a challenging year.

Staying well while travelling -

Some people might be worried about travelling during the holidays and how they’ll stay safe. Keep these tips in mind for safe, healthy travelling:

  • It can be easy to forget about social distancing when you’re in the middle of a long driving trip. Before you all jump out of the car at a service station or playground, remind everyone to keep the 1.5 metres rule in mind. Avoid large crowds.
  • If you are worried when visiting places where social distancing is difficult, wear a mask.
  • Keep an alcohol-based sanitiser in the car, so you can keep hands clean on the go.
  • Pack Tushon 3Ply Toilet Seat Covers to use at any public toilets along the way.
  • Keep some disposal gloves handy to use when filling up the car at service stations.
  • A disinfectant spray is important to sterilise frequently touched surfaces like public toilet handles and restaurant menus. Tushon Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray provides a convenient pocket size spray that can be used to kill germs fast on your hands and frequently touched surfaces, and is easy to carry in your bag, pocket or car.
  • If you’re staying in accommodation overnight, wipe down all frequently touched surfaces with antibacterial wipes while wearing gloves and ventilate the room well during the day.
  • Keep hand washing - Whether you’re heading to a tourist attraction or hanging at the local playground, make sure you keep your hands clean by washing them often. It’s especially important to wash hands before making food, eating or after using the toilet. If you aren’t able to get to a bathroom with soap and water, carry a container of alcohol-based hand sanitiser with you instead.

If you’re still feeling uncomfortable about heading out, especially if you or your child has a medical condition that could put them at risk of serious illness, remember that you don’t need to go far and wide these holidays. There are lots of local activities and sights to explore in every region and simple day trips provide a great sense of well being and enjoyment.

What to pack -

Tushon Toilet Seat Covers

    What to explore -

    • Museums, art galleries, historic sites and miniature railways
    • Parks, playground equipment, skate parks and outdoor gyms
    • Libraries
    • Hiking, camping and other recreational activity areas in national and state parks
    • Caravan parks
    • Farm stays and animal experiences
    • Dining in at restaurants, cafes, pubs clubs, RSL clubs and hotels
    • Vineyards and wine tasting
    • Outdoor amusement parks, tourism experiences, zoos and wildlife parks
    • Water adventures, swimming, beaches, boating and fishing
    • Bushwalking, cycling and horse riding in our beautiful landscapes
    • Golf, mini golf and putt-putt courses
    • Escape rooms, mazes and fun parks

    Discovering places to go in your State -

    Planning an Australian holiday? Explore these official tourist websites for things to do, places to see, accommodation, attractions and upcoming events and much more.

    Australian Government Official Tourist Websites List

    TUSHON is proudly an Australian brand established in 2010 providing premium hygiene products that keep you healthy, safe and feeling good.

    Enjoy your travels and stay safe. Where will your next adventure be?

    Caroline x



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