Tushon is an Australian brand developed by Caroline Mortlock, wife of former Wallabies Captain Stirling Mortlock AM.

It is a brand that provides convenient hygienic products, the first of which is the world's first premium, individually wrapped toilet seat covers.

With a young family and frequent travel around the world due to Stirling’s international rugby career, Caroline recognised the need for a premium disposable toilet seat cover that could offer comfort, protection and peace of mind. As a busy mother of three, juggling the daily life of looking after her young family, working and travelling with her children, it became obvious that there was a lack of quality hygiene products available to the hygiene conscious.

She was frustrated that the daily use of public toilet facilities with her children was stressful and time consuming due to elaborate techniques needed to avoid touching the dreaded public toilet seat.

So Caroline set out on a journey to develop a product that would change the way people perceived and experienced the everyday necessity of using public toilets. No more hovering, lining the seat with toilet paper while her children anxiously waited or worrying about the cleanliness of public toilet facilities.

Personal hygiene is a very important aspect of our everyday lives and Tushon disposable toilet seat covers help to keep you healthy, safe and feeling good.

Tushon safeguards you and your family, takes the fear and stress out of everyday living and puts you in control of your health by providing complete hygienic protection and the peace of mind that you deserve.

Tushon the world’s first individually wrapped premium 3 Ply disposable toilet seat covers - Comfort, Protection and Peace of Mind.