Tushon Premium Toilet Seat Covers

Making public toilets clean, comfortable and stress free! 

Say goodbye to endlessly lining, hovering and worrying about germs on public toilets, and hello to comfort, protection and peace of mind.

Strong premium embossed 3 Ply toilet tissue.
Individually wrapped for greater hygiene, convenience and discreet use - perfect for any bag.
New distinctive shape and size for complete coverage and hygienic protection – Registered Design/Patent.
Unique wings for extra protection and to keep little hands safe.
Environmentally friendly – made from toilet tissue that is biodegradable, flushable and safe for septic systems and helps reduce tissue waste.
Unique portable hygiene solution – quick and easy to use.

Premium 3 Ply Toilet Seat Covers - 21 pack

(Including 10% GST)

TUSHON will forever change the way you use and think about public toilets. Whenever you sit on TUSHON you will instantly feel comfortable, protected and at ease on any public toilet.