Tushon Premium Toilet Seat Covers

TUSHON is proudly an Australian brand established in 2010, providing premium hygiene products that keep you healthy, safe and feeling good.

Any toilet, anywhere - TUSHON has it covered!

 Finally there is a 3Ply toilet seat cover that completely covers the seat, is quick and easy to use,
and allows you to put your tush on ANY public toilet without having to worry about touching the seat!


Made from soft 3 Ply toilet paper.
3 x Thicker than other brands.
Recycled packaging - 21 discreet packs.
Tushon's distinctive shape for complete coverage – Registered Design/Patent.
Unique wings for extra protection and to keep little hands safe.
Quick tear line on side of individual packs - quick and easy to use
Environmentally friendly –  Biodegradable and Flushable.

Comfort, protection and peace of mind with your tush on ANY public toilet!

🚚 All orders sent within 24 hrs from NSW weekdays.

Tushon 21 Pack - 3Ply Toilet Seat Covers

(Including 10% GST) 


Enjoy 21 discreetly wrapped premium 3Ply toilet seat covers with soft diamond embossing and recycled packaging.

Limit - 10 Packs per order


Tushon Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray - 50ml

(Including 10% GST)


Be prepared every time you leave home with Tushon Hand and Surface Sanitiser Spray - kills 99.9% of germs on your hands and the surfaces you frequently touch.

Handy pocket size 50ml spray bottle so you can always protect yourself from germs when on the go - Perfect for public toilets, door handles and shopping trolleys.
>70% Ethanol Alcohol, Water, Glycerin

Limit - 5 Bottles per order

* IMPORTANT - this product can not be sent to Tasmania or overseas.