Tushon Premium Toilet Seat Covers

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Any toilet, anywhere - TUSHON has it covered!

Finally there is a solution to how much we all dislike using public toilets that is quick and easy for adults and kids to use, and helps you stay protected and feel relaxed and comfortable EVERY TIME!

Made from soft 3 Ply toilet paper.
Recycled packaging - 21 discreet packs.
New distinctive shape for complete coverage – Registered Design/Patent.
Unique wings for extra protection and to keep little hands safe.
Environmentally friendly –  Biodegradable and Flushable.

Tushon 21 Pack - 3Ply Toilet Seat Covers

(Including 10% GST)

SALE ENDS MONDAY - No further discounts during sale. 

Enjoy 21 discreetly wrapped premium 3Ply toilet seat covers with soft diamond embossing and recycled packaging.