March 05, 2018


An honest review of TUSHON by @decorme_au




noun: germaphobe
  1. a person with an extreme fear of germs and an obsession with cleanliness.
    "I'm not a germophobe, but everyone knows that hotel remote controls are never cleaned and are probably filthy"

Yes, that's me...Germaphobe with a capital G! I have always been a bit of a germaphobe, but even more so since having children. I guess spending 3 months in hospital with one of my twins, may have slightly tipped my phobia over the edge... literally having to scrub in before touching your own newborn would probably do that to you... (insert scrunch face emoji here)

When the opportunity came up to review the TUSHON product, I was intrigued with the whole concept and I was open to try anything to help me when heading out of the house. It put me in panic mode even thinking that I needed to leave the house with 3 year old twins and a bub, let alone the copious amounts of toilet trips that would come up. Anxiety levels at an all time high! Let's not talk about the amount of germs that would be on a public toilet. I would rather not think about it... 

So do you also frantically try and grab the toilet paper and place it on the toilet while you have little voices screaming at you that they need to wee?  You then try and get the toilet paper and it keeps ripping and then you pop some on the seat and then it all falls in? So you opt to hold them above as they really can't wait and they wee all over you and your shoes? Well if you have been in this situation and feel me here... read on...  

So what is TUSHON? And what do I think of them?

TUSHON toilet covers are literally a flushable cover that sits on top of a toilet seat protecting bums from the nasties that you find in public toilets. They come in a pack of 21 and are individually packaged and about the size of a sanitary liner- easily fitting in the pocket. Big Tick here! The individual pack tears easily making it super quick to get out ,easily folds open and fits on either a children's toilet or adult's toilet seat. I can use the one cover for two little bums if I hold it down when they hop off a children's toilet. If I am using an adult toilet for the twins, I do need to however place them directly on top as the cover does slightly slide around with how little there bums are. But once you get the hang of it, it is as easy as! Then all you do is push it in the toilet and flush! Toilet trip, done and dusted within 5 min with the twins. 

So to sum it up:

- Individually packaged

- Fit in your pocket or purse

- Flushable

- Wings so little ones can also pop there hand down without touching the toilet

We have used these whilst camping, travelling and at various public toilets, for both the twins and ourselves and TUSHON get a big tick from us!

I am excited to say I am now a toilet ninja and just whip that little TUSHON out of my pocket no matter where I am!

So go get your TUSH-ON a TUSHON! I highly recommend it! They are a life changer are available from TUSHON. If you sign up to their newsletter you can grab yourself 10% off! 

will only ever review things honestly and I am glad to say I will continually purchase this product- a huge advocate.

Making #mumlife easier one step at a time... I am glad I could share this with you.

* The Tushon product was gifted to me and I am not getting paid for this post, but to provide an honest review for the trial and also photography and content creation of the product. 

I hope you enjoyed the read.

Big Love

Until next time

Ange x

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