Sit on a public toilet they said……..yeah, nah!!

July 30, 2019

Sit on a public toilet they said……..yeah, nah!!

Sit on a public toilet they said……..yeah, nah!!

Most would agree that having to use a public toilet is something we have to do quite often, if not daily. Would we rather just go at home? Well obviously, but that’s not always possible.

When you do have to use a public toilet, you usually enter without thinking about how much you really hate to use them. Until of course you get a peek at the state of the toilets and all those bits of toilet paper lying on the floor, wet spots and dirty marks on the toilet seat.

Plus, if you think the toilet paper provided in the stall is clean, think again! Every time the toilet is flushed faecal bacteria is spread into the air and surrounding surfaces by what is called a “sneeze effect” or aerosolisation. So revolting right?

No wonder my mum takes her own tissues in her handbag and tries to hand them to me under the stall door EVERY TIME we go to a public toilet together!

So embarrassing!

But the toilet seat isn’t the only biohazard you have to avoid. Every tap, handle, doorknob and basically every surface in a public toilet is contaminated.

Do you know how many people flush the toilet with their foot after stepping on the wee on the floor? I'm not touching that button under ANY circumstances!

Plus don’t even get me started on putting your handbag down on the floor! Yes please I would LOVE some urine and faeces on my kitchen counter when I get home thanks to said handbag! Cue more gagging!

So what do you do when you hate public toilets, and the thought of touching anything in them brings on the slightest feeling of panic and desire to use your elbows or feet to enter and exit the toilet?

Firstly, use paper towel or tissues to use taps and open doors so you don’t have to touch all those nasty germs from dirty hands. Always wash you hands for at least 20 seconds to make sure you get rid of any germs you may have touched.

Always cover the seat with a toilet seat cover that you can flush after use. TUSHON Premium Toilet Seat Covers  provides an awesome 3 Ply barrier between you and the seat and is flushable after use. Packed in 21 discreet little bags you can always have a few in your bag ready to use. Grab 20% OFF at Checkout via link above - limited time!

Lastly, after exiting, using some hand sanitiser will put your mind at ease knowing you can completely clean your hands and avoid having to catch nasty germs.

With some planning, you can always have all of the above in your bag so a public toilet can be just another thing you can cross off your phobia list. And that list is long enough right?

So be prepared and plan ahead! A public toilet CAN be stress free, quick to use and have you feeling relieved instead of grossed out!


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