A TUSHON Tale - The idea for a premium disposable toilet seat cover

July 27, 2016

A TUSHON Tale - The idea for a premium disposable toilet seat cover

Caroline first came up with the idea for TUSHON - a premium disposable toilet seat
cover prior to 2010, as she had three young preschool and primary school
aged children and like many other females, was worried about the germs she
and her family could catch while using public toilets. Caroline was frustrated
that the daily use of public toilet facilities with her children caused her stress
and affected the time she spent with her children.

Mothers with young children frequently use public toilet facilities during
their visits to restaurants, shopping centres, at cafes to meet friends, at the
local park for play dates, gyms, aquatic centres and sporting fields for their
weekly sports programs, local halls for play group and airports, aeroplanes
and hotels during family travel.

She recognised the need for such a product, as discussion with other mums
and female friends revealed a widespread fear of catching germs from public
toilet seats. She would also always hear the common complaint from the
mother in toilet cubicle next to her begging their desperate child to hold and
wait while mummy frantically lined the seat with toilet tissue. She knew first
hand the frustration women felt and what lengths they went to while using
public toilets, to protect themselves and their children from the germs they

Caroline believed that mothers should not have to go through such stress and
anxiety to do something as simple as using a public toilet, something that
most mothers do daily with young children. Life with children is too busy
and time is too precious to give it away to something that can so easily be
solved. So Caroline decided that she would develop a product that would
provide a solution to this widespread problem and give mothers their time
back with their children, because mothers would rather be on the sporting
sideline than wasting time in a public toilet.

Caroline developed a premium product that would change the way people
perceived and experienced the everyday necessity of using public toilets. No
more hovering, lining the seat with large amounts of toilet paper while her
children anxiously held on waiting or worrying about the cleanliness of
public toilet facilities.

It was important to Caroline that the product be thick, strong and soft with a
distinctive shape and size to allow for complete coverage and hygienic
protection, whilst also being individually wrapped so that the product would
be unique, convenient to use and portable. The product was also developed
to be environmentally friendly, with it being flushable, biodegradable and
safe for septic systems and to help reduce tissue waste from 40% of females
lining public toilet seats with toilet tissue to sit on them each use.

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