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  • 70% of women fear catching germs from using public toilets
  • 49% of women squat when using public toilets
  • 74% of mothers constantly tell their children not to touch anything when using public toilets

* Survey of 655 Australian women conducted by Mojo Concepts 2013.


  • Strong premium embossed 3PLY toilet tissue.
  • Individually wrapped for greater hygiene, convenience and discreet use - perfect for any bag.
  • New distinctive shape and size for complete coverage and hygienic protection – Registered Design/Patent.
  • Unique wings for extra protection and to keep little hands safe.
  • Environmentally friendly – made from toilet tissue that is biodegradable, flushable and safe for septic systems and helps reduce tissue waste.
  • Unique portable hygiene solution – quick and easy to use.